We offer a variety of professional pilot training courses at Redding Air Service. Our courses are geared towards the professional pilot who wants to increase the level of skills and knowledge.

Our expert flight instructors are highly-trained individuals whose primary focus is safety.

Redding Air Service has held the Helicopter Association International Safety award for over three decades.

Turbine Transition

Redding Air Service can help you with the transition into a turbine-powered helicopter. You will learn about the inner workings of the turbine engine, hydraulic systems, pre-flight inspections and more. Our experienced instructors will put you to the test, reviewing all in-flight emergency procedures in a turbine helicopter as well.

Mountain Training

Since Redding Air Service is located in the beautiful Northern California; our pilots spend 90% of their flight time in the mountainous Shasta-Cascade area, mainly fighting large forest fires. We offer a mountain class that is based on our working experience and tailored to meet the actual needs in the industry today. This is a hands-on class with many hours of flight time. It is much more informative and intense than the standard “pinnacle approach procedure” that you might have learned during your private or commercial training instruction.