As part of that commitment, we maintain a safe and healthy work environment. Safety is always of paramount concern and will not be compromised! To maintain our customer’s confidence and trust, we have implemented a comprehensive Safety Management System, (SMS). Our system strives to be pro-active in identifying risk and hazards and mitigating them to a safe level. Our pilots and drivers complete an on-line “risk assessment” every day which alerts them to their risk exposure for that day.

We will not compromise safety. Financial considerations are always an important business concern, but the company will always use its best efforts to make decisions that maintain the economic health of the company, and the safety of our customers, without sacrificing its strict commitment to safety.

Redding Air Service received a plaque from the Shasta Trinity National Forest which we display in our office lobby. It states in part:

“As one person in Fire Management noted:

I can’t say this about many pilots, but I would fly anywhere, anytime with Burt.”

This is the legacy of our founder Burt Train. As a company, we are committed to maintaining that level of confidence and trust from our customers.