At Redding Air Service, we are well aware that when an aircraft is down for maintenance, it costs the operator much more than simply the repair bill.

Our Maintenance Department will efficiently perform the repair or inspection your aircraft requires in strict accordance with all manufacturer’s specifications as well as all applicable air agency regulations, bulletins and directives, in the swiftest manner possible to keep your downtime to an absolute minimum.

Our factory-trained technicians possess a wide range of experience and skill in the art of helicopter maintenance.

Whether you require a scheduled annual inspection, are upgrading or need a complete refurbishment, Redding Air Service will accomplish the task in the most timely and efficient manner possible, while maintaining the highest standard of safety, reliability and professionalism.


Redding Air Service takes pride in our ongoing commitment to safety, dependability and excellence. We carry this commitment to each and every task we perform to ensure, without question, that our customers always get the superior service and product they expect and deserve. When you need your aircraft up, Redding Air Service will never let you down.